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When Clark suggested going 'home for the holidays' she hadn't really given it much thought. A day or two there and she would be back home. She could take her computer with her and work while Clark chatted with his family and did whatever it was farmer did when there was snow on the ground. Did they plow? Could they? Why would they? It was all a mystery to her quite frankly but she supposed she was about to find out.

Whatever it was she had envisioned what she wound up with was entirely different. Snow had knocked out the power and her computer was dead in hours, she had to conserve her cell phone battery which left her with few options. The Kent's however felt that there was nothing to be done but enjoy the night. And this was just day one of her week to be spent on the farm.

Warm fires burned in the hearths in various rooms, flannel blankets had been broken out for added warmth. Martha had dug out one of Clark's college sweaters which had to be rolled up at the wrists and hung half down her thighs. She tapped her phone against the palm of her other hand lightly, standing at the door and looking out over the snow as it began to glisten in the spreading blue ot twilight.
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She could still feel the fingertips pressed against her chest. Her nostrils filled with the stench of decay, eyes overwhelmed by the sight of her own husband dead and yet menacing her still. Lois Lane was over come by many emotions...

Superman had always given her Ho-

Clark Kent had been an unending cause for her Lov-

The corpse of him, so eager to take her life left her with Fea-

Resolute, she fought her way from her knees to stand tall. Her eyes blazing against that darkness. Her lover, her husband, her partner and best friend..Lois Lane had never been so filled in her life as she was now with Rage
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Christmas with the Kents, for a woman like Lois it had taken some getting used to. No one was screaming about who forgot to pick up the catering, nothing was ever burned and there was this sense of warmth and peace that had failed to make itself even hinted at with the Lane family get togethers. It was as if Normal Rockwell himself had said 'Well I think that will do.' set his brush aside and decided nothing could make the picture more perfect.

After years of this and other holidays shared with the family Lois was at last mastering the knack for turning off the big city pit bull edginess she wore like a finely tailored suit, and relax. She had hoped that Clark would be joining her but this season with the economy the way it was he was needed more than ever. Superman was a sign of hope above all else, and the country if not the world was in desperate need of it.

Apparently there would be other guests to join them, and Lois glanced over at the extra plates. "Are you sure I can't help you with something Martha? Even I should be able to mash potatoes without burning something."

The white haired woman laughed heartily and smiled. "I wouldn't hear of it Lois, you are our guest." Lois held her hand up right there, she would not let that pass. "I am family Martha, and I might not be able to harvest at super speed or set the table in the blink of an eye like Clark, but I can be useful."

Martha could tell she was determined and so she relented. "Why don't you give me a hand with the potatoes then, and try and keep Jonathon out of the pies will you? The man will have sampled them until there's none left."

Lois grinned and took the pot of potatoes, adding milk and butter under the watchful eye of the talented country cook. A wary glance stopped Clark's father in his tracks as he went for the cherry pie. "Harumph, I'll go set the table then. I can see you ladies don't need an old man getting in your way in here." And so the conversation continued as the snow fell in light lazy flakes outside the window.


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